Heating equipment industrial chiller SCA-01

Heating equipment industrial chiller SCA-01 features:
1. Compressor: Selected international famous brand, built-in safety protection, low vibration, low noise, energy saving and durable.
2, electrical components: the use of internationally renowned brand "Schneider" products, to ensure safe and stable machine work, long life.
3, chilled water pump: the use of imported Italian and Taiwan famous factory pumps, large flow, high efficiency, durable.
4, temperature control program: equipped with imported precision digital display temperature controller, can accurately control the water temperature ± 0.1 ° C, set the temperature range -100 ° C - 180 ° C.
5. Evaporator: It adopts shell-and-tube type pure titanium evaporator. The corrosion resistance of pure titanium and the whole tube have no welding points, which avoids leakage inside the welding point, and effectively improves the stability and safety of the equipment. It is easy to clean and maintain. Fast.
6. Condenser: Through the unique internal structure design, the liquid film thickness on the surface of the heat transfer tubes in the upper and lower processes is relatively uniform, thus enabling efficient condensation.
The heat exchange performance of the heat exchange tube in the condenser tube bundle is closer to the test value of the ideal state of the single tube heat transfer performance. Another unique feature is that no special over-cooling pipe is provided, the outlet liquid of the condenser is not less than 2 °C, the performance is improved by about 1%, and the flash gas is not generated before the compressor is throttled; the air-cooling unit is highly efficient. The V-fin fin condenser is composed of fins and rows of copper tubes. It is manufactured with secondary flanged fin mechanical tube-up process and advanced heat exchanger production line to ensure high quality and reliability.
Heating equipment industrial chiller SCA-01

Heating equipment industrial chiller SCA-01 introduction:

The high (medium) frequency electric induction heating equipment independently researched and produced by the company is a new technology product completed with international and advanced electronic components and unique technology. It can inductively heat any metal in a non-contact form by penetrating non-metallic substances by the principle of electromagnetic effect.

1: The heating temperature is high. Can melt any metal. Can reach any temperature.

2: Heating speed is fast. There are very few rights layers.

3: High efficiency and energy saving, high energy conversion rate. The power consumption is 1/5 of the old-fashioned tube. The standby state consumes almost no power. And can work 24 hours a day.

4: Automatic control, can adjust the power and time of heating and insulation process. Conducive to improve the repeatability of heating. Simplify the worker's operating skills.

5: Particularly safe, avoiding the risk of electric shock from pressure. Occupational gas, gas and other dangerous gas heating, unknown fire production. More in line with national safety and environmental protection regulations.

6: Small footprint. It is easy to operate and requires no special training. It can be learned in a few minutes.

7: Installation is simple, just power and water. The induction coil can be freely disassembled. Easy to replace.

8: This unit has automatic protection. Water shortage. Undervoltage, overcurrent. The lack of any of the parameters does not meet the requirements. The machine will automatically shut down and no longer work. With higher reliability and stability.

(1) Suitable for any metal heating, the temperature can reach any temperature you want.

(2) Suitable for welding between metal and plastic, such as: speaker net implant. brush. Daily necessities. Eyebrow brush. Electrical switch welding. Stainless steel tube and plastic summer combination.

(3) Welding between metal and metal (same kind. dissimilar metal welding) such as: turning tool. Create a knife, reamer. drill. According to the film, woodworking knives. Abrasives, faucets. Bathroom products, air conditioning tubes, air pipes, tubing. tool. appliance. Antenna, cable box, dispenser. Rhinestones, etc.

(4) Suitable for tempering various metal materials. Annealing, quenching, quenching and tempering, etc., such as: Drinking utensils. stainless steel. Chuck. thimble. Stainless steel appliances. Tool tempering;

(5) Suitable for quenching various metal materials: gears. Cam. Axis class. tool. Tool. Hardware accessories, auto parts. Travel, industrial supplies, daily necessities. Machining, etc.

(6) Hot forging. Hardware workpieces, standard parts. Case. Spare parts, off the ball head, tools. appliance. And other metal heating molding process.

(7) Smelting. gold. silver. Chin, zinc alloy. copper. steel. Metal such as iron is smelted.

Main specifications: 5KW 15KW 20KW 25KW 30KW 40KW 50KW 60KW 80KW 100KW 120KW, 150KW 180KW 200KW can be customized according to the requirements of the user. The company can provide long-term after-sales service for similar products for new and old customers. And provide technical advice.

JYP is a brand of Suzhou Jiyupeng Power Technology Co., Ltd. It has 15 years of research and development production team of induction heating equipment. In 2015, it registered the company in combination with the actual situation at home and abroad. The induction heating equipment developed by the company is: handheld, digital, medium frequency, Ultra-audio, high-frequency induction heating equipment and quenching machine tools, induction heating dedicated sets of thermal equipment. It is widely ...

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