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Suzhou Jiyupeng Power Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology-based enterprise specializing in the research, development and manufacturing of high-frequency induction heating equipment, dedicated to metal heating technology and services. Among them, the intermediate frequency, high frequency and super audio induction heating equipment independently developed and put on the market. The equipment is highly recognized in the industry due to its advantages such as high efficiency, energy saving, safety and durability, simple operation, clean and environmental protection, etc. It is mainly used in metal heat treatment industries such as quenching, annealing, brazing, and hot extraction.
JYP brand induction heating equipment application:
Heat treatment industry: Induction heating has fundamentally changed the traditional heating methods to achieve rapid heating, energy saving and high efficiency.
For example: high-frequency hardening of hardware, electric and woodworking tools (such as bench vices, hammers, hard tongs, wrenches, axes, planers, etc.);
High-frequency quenching of various steam and motorcycle parts (such as crankshaft, connecting rod, piston tip, camshaft, valve, gear tooth, fork, spline shaft, transmission shaft, crank shaft, rocker shaft, etc.);
High-frequency hardening of hydraulic components (such as plungers, rotors of rotor pumps, etc.); annealing of metal materials (such as steel pipe stretching, bending, smashing, and annealing of stainless steel products);
Welding industry: mainly used for brazing, such as welding of various cutting tools such as turning tools, planers, milling cutters;
Welding of various pipe fittings and accessories in the refrigeration and HVAC industry: composite welding of different metal materials, etc .;
Forging industry: It is mainly used for heating before forging, such as hot piers for various standard and non-standard parts; forging heating of hardware tools such as pliers and wrenches; extrusion molding of stainless steel containers;
Metal smelting: smelting of gold, silver, copper and other metals;
Electronics industry: welding of antenna connectors, vibrators, matching sections, etc .; manufacturing of fuses, etc .;
Other heating industries: hot-packing, pre-heating of metal workpieces, aluminum foil sealing, steel-aluminum-plastic pipes, cables, and heating films for wires;

JYP is a brand of Suzhou Jiyupeng Power Technology Co., Ltd. It has 15 years of research and development production team of induction heating equipment. In 2015, it registered the company in combination with the actual situation at home and abroad. The induction heating equipment developed by the company is: handheld, digital, medium frequency, Ultra-audio, high-frequency induction heating equipment and quenching machine tools, induction heating dedicated sets of thermal equipment. It is widely ...

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