The high-frequency heating coil is already powerful enough

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High-frequency heating electromagnetic coil high-frequency heating, that is, induction heating is the method of using JYP induction heating conductors (usually metal materials), which will generate eddy currents in metal materials, and metal materials are caused by JYP induction. Warm up immediately. Induction heaters, often called electromagnetic coils, are based on high-frequency AC currents, which follow the size of the magnetic permeability of the heating body to determine heating efficiency. The frequency of the exchange used depends on the metal type of the item to be heated, the degree of adhesion of the heating coil to the item to be heated, and the penetration depth. The following is a good introduction to environmental protection and energy saving, detailing its characteristics:
High frequency, heating, coil, function, already, enough, strong, high frequency,. The function of high frequency heating coil is strong enough
  Induction heating can be used to heat certain parts of a specific part and can be used for case hardening, melting, brazing, soft fiber welding and heating items to interact with other items. Due to the characteristics of its ferromagnetic material, steel has the best induction heating reflection. Only all metallic materials are caused by eddy currents caused by induction heating, while permanent magnetic materials cause hysteresis problems. Induction heating has been used to heat liquid conductors (such as molten metal) and plasma conductors (such as inductive plasma technology). Induction heating can also be used to heat graphite crucibles in which other materials are placed to widely heat silicon or other semiconductor materials in the semiconductor industry. Grid frequency (50 / 60Hz) induction heating is caused by AC currents at other frequencies caused by the use of additional inverter power, which is common in many low-cost industrial production applications.
  Induction furnace
  Medium frequency induction furnaces use magnetic induction methods to melt metallic materials. After melting, high-frequency magnetic fields can also stir metals. If you make an alloy, you can ensure that the added metal and the original metal are completely mixed. Most induction furnaces include a water-cooled copper ring with a layer of heat-resistant material on the outside. Induction furnaces are more environmentally friendly than reflection furnaces and blast furnaces. When melting metals, they replaced these two production methods and became the cleaner production methods commonly used in modern factories. The amount of heatable metal ranges from 1 kg to hundreds of tons. In operation, the induction furnace will mainly have a high-frequency hum, depending on its operating frequency. Machinable metals include steel, copper, aluminum and precious metals. Since the induction furnace is a clean, non-contact process, it can be used in a vacuum or inert atmosphere. Certain special steels or alloys are oxidized when heated in air. These alloys or steels can be produced by vacuum electric furnaces.
High frequency, heating, coil, function, already, enough, strong, high frequency,. The function of high frequency heating coil is strong enough
  Induction welding is similar to induction furnaces but uses a smaller processing method. If you add ferromagnetic particles (hysteresis of the material during induction) or metal particles to the plastic, you can also weld by induction welding. Pipe gaps can also be welded in this way. The current introduced near the gap heats the material and eventually creates a high temperature that can be welded. At this point, the material on both sides of the gap will be close to each other and welded to the gap. Electric current can also be conducted to the tube with a brush, but the result is the same, the material of the gap attachment is heated and welded.
High frequency, heating, coil, function, already, enough, strong, high frequency,. The function of high frequency heating coil is strong enough
  Induction cooker
  In induction cookers, induction coils heat the bottom of the iron in the pot. Copper, aluminum or other non-ferrous materials cannot be used with induction cookers. When the induction cooker is heated, the heat at the bottom of the cooker is transferred to the food through heat conduction. The benefits of induction cookers are efficient, safe and fast. Induction cookers are fixed and mobile.
  Induction brazing
  Induction brazing is often used in high-volume production processes to produce consistent results with high repeatability.
  Induction seal
  Induction seals are used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Put a piece of aluminum foil into the opening of a bottle or jar and bring it close to the container by induction heating. This creates a seal that prevents the content from being changed, as changing the content requires breaking the foil.

The high-frequency heating coil is already powerful enough

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