5 advanced heat treatments: induction heat treatment and ion nitridation heat treatment technology

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The evolution of science and technology has driven the metal heat treatment technology to continue to increase. The old heat treatment of Changfa City has caused a decisive infection to the environment. At the same time, it will pose a threat to human health. Modern technology has improved the heat treatment technology. The most advanced heat treatment skills available today.
1. Controllable air heat treatment
Controlled atmosphere heat treatment focuses on anti-oxidation and decarburization, and has a complete and accurate calculation of carburizing and nitriding merits. The beginning of the 1980s was applied to industrial production, and it has been widely adopted up to now. Various rigging manufacturers in the world have developed the controllable atmosphere heat treatment furnace with various levels and various functions according to the characteristics of Zhonghua Shanghai. Large-scale sealed box-type multi-purpose furnaces such as Ipsen Corporation, and Fengdong's intelligent sealed box-type multi-purpose furnace production lines can meet carburizing and carbonitriding, and can realize sharp heat treatment processes such as bright dipping fire and bright annealing . Can achieve microcomputer-aided design, birth control, logistics control, on-site control, identity management, craft field management and other tasks. And changed the "dirty, messy, poor" level of the heat treatment workshop across the west of the crane, and replaced it with conciseness and crispness.
Of course, these production lines are expensive and suitable for mass production, such as the automotive industry. Domestic manufacturers are keeping abreast of users' needs and aiming to produce a variety of controllable atmosphere furnaces with moderate prices, diverse samples and superior performance. Most of them can optimize, predict and precisely control the distribution of carbon depth in one stroke, and obtain the ideal depth distribution and permeation cluster organization. It can realize computer management and is equipped with a simple cooking map and a friendly human-machine interface.
5 kinds of advanced heat treatment, induction, and ion, nitriding, technology,. 5 kinds of advanced heat treatment: induction heat treatment and ion nitridation heat treatment technology
Vacuum heat treatment
Vacuum heat treatment is a fashionable heat treatment technique combining vacuum technology and heat treatment technology. The vacuum environment in which vacuum heat treatment is located refers to an air environment below atmospheric pressure, sweeping low vacuum, mid-range vacuum, high vacuum and ultra high vacuum. Vacuum heat treatment is actually Also belongs to the air heat treatment. The application and advancement of vacuum heat treatment skills are more specific and increasingly important. It combines non-oxidation, non-decarburization, quenching, clean and shiny casting surface, high wear resistance, hygienic and automated cutting-edge characteristics. In industrial production, heat treatment techniques such as vacuum annealing, vacuum degassing, vacuum oil quenching, vacuum water quenching, vacuum gas quenching, vacuum tempering, and vacuum carburizing are widely used.
Recently, with the advent of high-pressure gas quenching vacuum furnaces, the vacuum dipping of high-speed steel cutting tools has become practical. There are many manufacturers of vacuum furnaces, domestic or joint ventures such as Ipsen shops, French ECM industrial furnace stores, G-M supply and marketing agencies and so on. There are also tens of thousands of well-known domestic manufacturers' brands, such as the "Great Wall" multi-stage of China Aerospace and Aviation Group, the WZ of Shangjing Electromechanical Research Institute, and so on. The technological level, nature, and price are uniquely competitive in China. The heat treatment will be changed to the most popular and most popular technology in the heat treatment workshop.
5 kinds of advanced heat treatment, induction, and ion, nitriding, technology,. 5 kinds of advanced heat treatment: induction heat treatment and ion nitridation heat treatment technology
3. Induction heat treatment and ion nitridation heat treatment technology
Reverberation heat treatment is widely used in the automotive industry, engineering machinery, petrochemical and other industries with advantages such as hand cutting, hard work, cleanliness, and flexibility. Nearly 40% of automotive parts can be subjected to reverberative heat treatment, such as crankshafts, rollers, universal joints, half shafts, etc. Using induction heating, excess production can be built into a fully automatic or semi-automatic production line to enhance the stability of product quality, reduce labor intensity and promote the working environment. The fastest-growing domestic power supply is the reaction heating power supply. The old-fashioned electronic dither tube has completed its historical mission and replaced it with an all-transistor. The computer driving transistor is used to adjust the power supply. It is convenient to adjust long-term stability, high precision, and greatly reduces the interference to the harmonics of the power grid. In recent years, the solid-state heating device that has been promoted in recent years has been well known. It no longer applies high-priced, fragile, energy-consuming vacuum tubes and anode boost transformers, anode water jackets, and filament regulators. Etc., instead of MOSFET power electronics: it cuts costs by one-third and cuts water by two. And the dipping fire bed matched with the heating power source will also make great progress. Reflected in: ① The manufacturers of childbirth beds are obviously from small to large. It turned out to be a unique show in Tianjin Ninth Machine Tool Factory. ② The accuracy, safety, and automation of dipping firebeds have greatly grown. ③ The technical level of professional hardening machine tools wins expression.
Ion nitriding technique The salient feature is that after the sale, the components are cleaned, the corrosion resistance, the deformation is small, and the wear resistance is high. Compared with gas nitriding, it has the advantages of shorter cycle, less agility and less infection. In recent years, the progress of ion nitridation has been rapid, especially the advent of the pulse power supply of the ion nitriding furnace, which separates the rational parameters (voltage, current, hydraulic pressure) of the discharge from the temperature control parameters (pulse interval). Adding process tunability, it is easy to struggle to achieve the selection and precise control of process parameters.
5 kinds of advanced heat treatment, induction, and ion, nitriding, technology,. 5 kinds of advanced heat treatment: induction heat treatment and ion nitridation heat treatment technology
Fourth, quenching medium and cooling technology
The ideal dipping medium should have the following characteristics: ① quality type: fast cooling at high temperature, slow cooling at low temperature. That is to remove cracks, minus quenching deformation. ②Environmental protection type: no poisonous, harmful war or gas running around, no error burning, easy to gargle after dipping the casting, no corrosion to the facility, no irritation to the skin. ③ Stable: After quenching, the nature of the work is uniform and calm, and the medium has a habit of dealing with people within a short period of time. ④ Cost-effective: high quality and good price, low energy consumption.
In recent years, the growth of dipping fire medium has been very efficient. The performance of dipping fire oil is enhanced by hand, and the research and taking of organic polymer quenching medium is unprecedented. There are Houghton stores in the United States, Derunbao Commercial Building, and the British PB Petroleum Credit Union. Domestic Jinghua Huali Fine Chemical Stores, Nanjing Kerun Fine Chemical Stores, etc.
Fifth, the new surface fire is used for refueling and the heat treatment of large nitrogen-based air
The art of appearance treatment of homes that are born and raised is limited to old methods such as steam sales and oxynitriding. It seems that this is the only way to increase the life of homes by 30% to 50%. Since 80 years, the country has independently expenditure and quoted from abroad the QPQ salt bath compound auction technology and PVD titanium oxide coating technology. The former can calmly increase the tool life by 2 ~ 3 times, simple installation, low capital, especially suitable for dry common tools; heirs can change and strengthen the tool life by 3 ~ 5 times, which is suitable for all kinds of precision precious roller tools.
Nitrogen-based air is used to protect heat treatment and celluloid heat treatment, which is enough to achieve non-oxidative decarburization heat treatment, and to avoid heat treatment nitrogen brittleness, chemical heat treatment in nitrogen-based atmosphere, what can not be detrimental to common problems such as internal oxidation, and to promote false ivory heat treatment quality.

5 advanced heat treatments: induction heat treatment and ion nitridation heat treatment technology

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