JYP induction heating equipment does not start

Source: Jiyupeng
JYP induction heating equipment does not start: after pressing the start button, the current is displayed as 000, the machine beeps quickly, the green light on the panel flashes quickly, and it automatically stops in about 2 seconds.
1. Short circuit between induction coils: Leave a gap between the induction coils or separate them with insulating material.
2. Waterproof tape is used when installing the induction coil: Do not use water-proof tape. If the sensor joint leaks, please refer to the installation precautions in the manual.
3. The size or number of induction coils is inappropriate: please refer to "Design of induction coils" or consult our company.
4, start button remote control switch, stop button is broken
5, equipment failure (need to be replaced)
High-frequency transformer primary side line package aging
Resonant capacitor breakdown, reduced capacitance
Power device is damaged
Control circuit board is damaged
Bad potentiometer on the panel, no given signal

JYP induction heating equipment does not start

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JYP is a brand of Suzhou Jiyupeng Power Technology Co., Ltd. It has 15 years of research and development production team of induction heating equipment. In 2015, it registered the company in combination with the actual situation at home and abroad. The induction heating equipment developed by the company is: handheld, digital, medium frequency, Ultra-audio, high-frequency induction heating equipment and quenching machine tools, induction heating dedicated sets of thermal equipment. It is widely ...

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